EF offers programs in over 150 destinations around the world. Students can choose from over seven languages with one of our language learning, study abroad and cultural exchange programs for all ages and levels.

Teacher Training Courses Abroad

Practical help for every day teaching Customized language courses for professionals

EF offers teachers highly intensive English or German courses in countries where the language is spoken. The international courses increases your confidence in the classroom and introduces you to ideas and concepts that provide practical help for every day teaching.

EF Иностранные языки во время каникул

(7-18) Customized language courses for professionals

Программа включает в себя перелет, трансфер, обучение, проживание, питание и организацию досуга. Путешествие в группах сверстников с русскоговорящим руководителем.

EF High School Year

[14-18] Customized language courses for professionals

Spend a High School Year abroad, and experience a new culture! You'll become fluent in another language and make friends to last a lifetime.

Языковые школы EF за рубежом

Age 16+ Customized language courses for professionals

Учите язык в самых известных городах мира! Мы предлагаем программы для всех уровней и гарантируем результат!

EF Академические программы

Age 16+ Customized language courses for professionals

Study languages and academic subjects abroad, to gain complete language fluency and official international diplomas for your career.

Мультиязыковой год

Age 16+ Customized language courses for professionals

Experience up to three of the world’s greatest cities through nine months studying two or three languages abroad.

EF Brittin College

(16+) Customized language courses for professionals

Professional pre-higher education course helps you get ready for universities in UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

EF University Placement Service

Age 17+ Customized language courses for professionals

Courses to prepare you for full-time university abroad. Includes guaranteed admission at one of our 150 partner universities.

Cultural Care Au Pair (USA)

Age 18-26 Customized language courses for professionals

Discover America as you live in a host family caring for their children! Study at a college and make friends from around the world.

EF Corporate Language Training

EF - мировой лидер в корпоративном языковом обучении, предоставляющий языковые тренинги более чем 1000 компаний в 75 странах мира. Customized language courses for professionals

Языковое обучение для компаний – онлайн обучение, обучение с преподавателем в аудитории, корпоративное обучение за рубежом. Наш инновационный подход заключается в сочетании различных видов обучения с целью максимального соответствия курса потребностям Вашей Компании.


[all ages] Customized language courses for professionals

Talk to native speaking teachers around the clock, around the world. Learn in a virtual classroom with students from many different countries, receive daily English lessons via email and much more.

Школы EF English First

[all ages] Customized language courses for professionals

EF English First schools provide quality English language instruction in non-English speaking countries. To date there are over 165 schools in 13 countries with teacher recruitment centres in America, Australia, South Africa and the UK.

Hult International Business School

Top-ranked one year MBA program Customized language courses for professionals

Accelerated one-year MBA program, ranked 14th in the US and attracting high-level students from 100 countries.